cannonball monkeys

By: penangphotolog

Aug 14 2012

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Category: Art, Black & White, Heritage, Hillscape, Images, Nature, Penang, Photography, Places

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Focal Length:54.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Cannonball trees are not native to Penang yet some fully grown ones of the genus (Couroupita guianensis) could be found aligning the entrance of our botanical garden. To envision how it looks like, it is basically a normal looking tree but with long tentacle-like stalks sprouting and covering its trunk out of which brownish round fruits the shape of cannonballs hung. These fruits were said to possess medicinal qualities and had been used to treat colds and stomach aches but many wonders about its edibility. In this picture some monkeys (long tailed macaques) appear to be camouflaging (can you locate its tails?) and feeding on what appears to be the flowers of which blooms its fruits. Picture taken at the Penang Botanical Gardens, Waterfall Rd, Penang.


leg stretching exercise





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