medicated masseurs

By: penangphotolog

Sep 04 2012

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Category: Art, Black & White, Cityscape, Heritage, Images, Penang, People, Photography, Places, Portraiture, Trade

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Focal Length:8.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Despite the long wait, locals has a quaint attachment to traditional Chinese masseurs rather than those physiotherapist found in hospitals whenever they experience discomforts and pains in their joints. From whence thee treatment came about is anybody’s guess but their endeavour in providing comfort and relieve to those in agony is a testimony to their immense popularity. Here, a sitting customer patiently anticipates his turn outside the treatment room where the ‘sinseh’ stations himself while a young disciple gets his relieve playing games on a handheld gadget. Picture taken at Jln Samak, Off Federal Cinema, Penang.

Hung on the walls are newspaper cut outs attesting to this masseurs ability. One can notice the anguish on these peoples faces as they faithfully await their fix.

The kitchenette overflowing with medicated oils.


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