tricky trishaw pullers

By: penangphotolog

Sep 06 2012

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Category: Art, Black & White, Cityscape, Heritage, Images, Penang, People, Photography

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Focal Length:68.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Penang trishaws are unique but the rider, also known as trishaw pullers are vicious because they are known to compromise their routes by taking short cuts through one way streets that leave most passengers gasp in horror. Once a convenient mode of transport because the township is small, it is now a tourist draw all decked up like a float complete with surround sound. At any one time, these trishaws can seat two and comes complete with sun roofs but nowadays some tourist pay to ride while the riders were coerced to become their passengers all in the name of good fun as they race each other through crowded streets. Behind this trishaw in this picture is a tricycle i.e. a bicycle with ‘three’ wheels that are mostly used for carrying goods. Ingenious people hire them to laundry, foodstuffs, bricks and mortar? Picture taken at Lorong Stewart, Penang.

Frontal view of the machine.


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