About Me..

Focal Length:23.4mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Have you ever asked yourself that if cameras were made by the millions, why is it that some pictures and photographers stood out while the rest faded into oblivion?

Hi! My name is Kris Lee and I am from Penang, a little island annexed to the north-westerly coast of Malaysia. I hold an average camera with auto, semi auto and complete manual functions but with it, I dream BIG dreams!  I photograph mostly in black and white and I would prefer that you call me an avid amateur ‘fine art photographer’ or ‘photo artist’ rather than anything else. In street photography, I am but a late bloomer. I liken myself to be a young sculptor just beginning to learn how to hone my tools. I like to twirl around with what I can see- texture, form, composition as opposed to fidgeting with what I can use- filters, light accessories or gadgets which I feel is the basis of what good photography is all about and neither do I crop, resize nor dabble in *photoshop? I am my own critique and my own self appraiser. I set high standards for myself so as not to accumulate trash. And therefore I tend to shoot minimal of what I think will make a good end picture rather than having to face that daunting task of selecting and squinting my eyes! And because of that, I take more time composing..

Well here I am finally on an adventure of a lifetime- to capture the social fabric and essence of Penang, my hometown in the most endearing of format; having practically lived here all my life.. (and attempts to be journalistic about it too so that you my audience can follow?) This photolog is but an added extension towards my varied interest in Art & Design and I also write a little poetry. For those who got bored with my picture taking, maybe you want to seek out my poetry blog for some fresh air? It’s named: fiveloaf.wordpress.com. Thank you for visiting!


Kris Lee 2012.


2 comments on “About Me..”

  1. enjoy your hobby, the tree is beautiful.

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